NBA Draft Pick Beverly Diamonds Up before draft

NBA Draft Pick Beverly Diamonds Up before draft

Before he turned into a first Round NBA Draft pick … Rodney Hood got himself ice’d out with $80k in top of the line Beverly Diamonds … Curtisey of TMZ Sports.

We know … the day preceding the draft, the 21-year-old phenom hit up Rafaello & Co. in NYC – and lifted himself up a $50k precious stone covered stainless steel Breitling Bentley watch.

He likewise dropped an alternate $30k on a 18-carat gold and jewel wristband with princess cut and round precious stones. Not very shabby.

Anyway Hood wasn’t the main stud to go on a predraft gems spree …Cleanthony Early additionally hit up Rafaello and got a $62k Rafaello & Co. yellow gold watch and a Cuban join precious stone arm jewelery.

It’s great to be rich.


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